Student Voice Session

Student Voice Session

Enabling education has shaped me as a teacher……

Hear from enabling alumni who have gone into a career in teaching who reflect on how coming through an enabling pathway has shaped them as a teacher. If our role in enabling is to disrupt educational disadvantage, then we have queried whether our students take this lens with them into their teaching careers, and do they consider how their teaching can be inclusive and contribute to a widening participation agenda? Or to pose this in another way, have the discourses of social justice in education had an impact on the practices and teacher subjectivity of enabling alumni?

Joshua Bradbrook
UniSA College Alumni

Hi everyone! My name is Joshua Bradbrook and I graduated from the 2012 UniSA college cohort. I enrolled in Foundation Studies, enabling me to develop a range of skills which have supported me throughout tertiary study, while building an appreciation for a range of subjects. Foundation Studies was more than a university entry course. It was an experience which heavily influenced my decisions and career trajectory through its flexibility to build a range of knowledge and skills which were imperative to my career and future studies.

After completing Foundation Studies, I was accepted into a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. Recently, I completed a postgraduate course in Trauma-Aware Education through Queensland University of Technology, which continued to build on the foundational skills developed during my time at UniSA. I have been an Aboriginal Education Teacher, SACE coordinator, and am currently the 10-12 Year Level Leader at Charles Campbell College. I have taught across learning areas including English, Humanities and Research Project. I often discuss the benefits and advantages of students undertaking enabling programs to support them in building their capacities to be successful at university, knowing the tremendous impact it had on my own journey.

Tara Ogilvie
Central Queensland University Alumni

My name is Tara Ogilvie. I am a First Nation Indigenous woman, a mother of three daughters and a partner of almost 20 years. In 2020, I completed a Preparation Skill for University [STEPS] program which enabled me the opportunity to continue studying to complete a Bachelor of Education Primary. I am currently halfway through the second year of my degree.

I presently work as a casual teacher aide close to home, where I also had the opportunity to complete my first pre-service teaching placement. I enjoy being able to help the students where possible and being part of planning the lessons. The best part of it all is creating relationships with the students and creating a calm but inviting environment where students enjoyed being each day.

I was nervous to begin studying, as I felt uncertain that I could succeed. I spent hours on Moodle trying to keep up with the readings. I felt ashamed to ask for help, but I was determined to complete the program. By the end of the program, there was a lot that I learned from my lecturers, and I find myself using them when I plan my pre-service classes these days.

Holly Millican
Southern Cross University Alumni

My name is Holly Millican and I am a Mathematics Teacher at South Grafton High School. I completed the Southern Cross University Pathways to Success Program and went on to study both my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Primary and Secondary Education Specialising in Mathematics and my Master of Education specialising in Leadership and Welfare at Southern Cross University as well. I have been teaching for 5 years.

As well as my usually teaching work, I have developed, implemented and continue to run alternate Mathematics education programs for students and professional development for teachers. Through the creation of these programs, I have been awarded the 2019 Learning Edge Teaching Award, 2019 Young Alumnus of the Year Award, 2020 Teachers Guild of NSW Award and 2021 Australian Education Rising Star of the Year Award.